Life inside UOS

University life
The University of Samarra, since its foundation, is characterized by providing an academic environment and an integrated university life in which many elements and services collectively offer an ideal environment for students to stimulate the educational process, which helps them to develop and form distinctive social relationships and capable them to improve personal, academic and professional skills. From this goal, the University of Samarra provides many services that students need during university studies. Dormitories include health, psychological and social care, cafeterias, sports arenas, libraries and information sources, research laboratories, computer labs, classrooms, and more.

Health Center
Medical care services are provided by the medical clinic, which includes doctors, in coordination with the health care sector in the city of Samarra. The health center aims to educate students’ health, psychological, and direct them to maintain their health safety.

The University of Samarra provides a suitable housing service that provides comfort and an appropriate atmosphere for a fruitful academic life for students. The dorm inside the campus is for female students, while that outside is for male students. Both of them include several buildings; there are furnished rooms as well as other services that meet the different desires of male and female students. The management is supervised by a qualified administrative staff of experienced supervisors for ensuring comfortable accommodation for students in a family atmosphere that combines education, guidance, and fun.

Student’s activity section
The student’s activity section is considered a means of energy discharge, and one of the various talent refinement stations. Therefore, this section is concerned with the care and supervision of all cultural, social, and artistic activities for students. Also, it extends to activating students’ clubs and society’s role, the student union, and all programs that serve Extra-curricular activities. To this, the university provided the needs and requirements for the promotion of university activities.

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