It is one of the most vital departments in the presidency, according to the tasks entrusted to it. The department is directly related to the administrative, organizational structure with the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, the department organizes and approves guarantees, pledges, agencies, contracts for students of scholarships, fellowships and sabbatical and attesting the documents required for the transactions held inside the university.

The department consists of four divisions, as follows:

1- The Inquiries and Opinion Division: Provides opinion on legal inquiries and concerns.
2- The Claims Division: It performs the tasks of following up the university rights, following up on criminal cases, especially those related to matters referred to the Integrity Commission and fraud cases for academic documents of university employees, and it also follows the procedures of claims brought by the university and on it.
3- The Property Division: It monitors all matters related to the university’s properties, such as following up on the acquisition of real estate designated for the university, following up on overrun cases on university property, and following up on the allocation of land to the university.
4- The Retirement Division: issues orders referring to retirement for university employees who have reached the legal age, calculating their service length. Also, approaching the public retirement departments, making a service book for employees and teaching staff, issuing orders to upgrade the registration of those who died during the service, in addition to extending the facility of professors under the controls approved by the Ministry.

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