– Complete the requirements and mechanisms of the university and its colleges institutionally, administratively, scientifically, and technically.

– Complete the elements of the job description for the educational and administrative colleges, departments, and divisions of the university.

– Develop educational support services, such as libraries, facilities, laboratories, and museums.

– Develop and implement quality standards and their necessary foundations in a way that ensures the continuous development of the educational process inputs.

– Develop the capabilities, experiences, and performance of teaching and career cadres.

– Developing educational curricula and programs to keep pace with modern scientific developments.

– Consolidating the values ​​of authentic Arab and Islamic culture, in addition to the experiences of university and higher specializations

-Meeting the needs of the labor market according to plans that take into account the variables of these needs.

– Adoption of modern means in management that combines the administration of regulations and laws, the management of human relations, and familiarity with new methods in management engineering and technology and communication skills.

-Create a healthy academic environment based on creativity, independence, and academic freedom.

– Strengthening the bonds of scientific, cultural, and humanitarian relations with Arab and international universities and related institutions.

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