Computer Center

The Foundation of the computer center was to provide university services and develop it in information and communication technology fields and keep pace with the developments in this field, and this would enhance the university’s reputation at the local, regional and global levels.

The Computer Center works to spread the electronic culture at the university, by providing the best technology and services in a distinct and sophisticated way, to achieve the university goals to improve it towards the best, by developing programs, systems, and electronic services that serve all categories of university staff.

computer center tasks:

• Develop systems and applications for computerization of operations, administrative, and academic procedures.

• Build applications that operate through the mobile environment.

. Research and development in the field of advanced software systems and modern technology.

• Provide maintenance and technical support for computerized systems and update them periodically.

• Establish training courses for employees in all programs and development training courses with the aim of promotion and postgraduate requirements.

• Training courses for external participants in various programs and courses in computer maintenance and postgraduate requirements

• Archive all courses and tests.

. Computer efficiency Courses: Includes a computer proficiency course

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