Under the chairmanship of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Kamal Hussein Ahmed, a meeting was held with the Deans associates for Academic Affairs of Colleges to discuss the outline of the meeting of the Ministerial Team to prepare and perform the examination mechanism for graduate students at the University of the Samarra.

Where the meeting summary states several aspects, including
– Students must enter the full name and put a personal photo of the student
– Preventing the use of social media sites such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., and emphasis only on the educational platform, and the necessity of publishing schedules on colleges and university websites, and the need to open cameras to see the student, and this is done randomly or as a whole.
– The necessity for students to wear a uniform to be ready to open cameras during the examination.
– The examination time is determined by the University Council and should take place during the day.
– The number of students in the examination halls must be less than 50 students.
– Urging students to have a good internet package and use chargers to avoid power outage.

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