The University of Samarra organizes a scientific symposium on breast cancer in women


As part of the breast cancer awareness campaign, the University of Samarra/College of Applied Sciences held a scientific and educational symposium in cooperation with Dr. Muthanna Mazhar and Dr. Huda Harith Al-Khatib, which aims to spread awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

It is one of the most common types of cancer among women and is defined as abnormal growth and division that occurs in cells lining the lactation vesicles or cells of breast lobule tissue and a small part in other epithelial tissues.

Breast cancer causes

1. age
The risk of infection increases with age.
2. genetic factor
Genetic factors have a role in the disease, as studies have indicated that first-degree relatives have an increased risk of breast cancer.
3. Obesity, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating.
4. Smoking and exposure to pollutants and radiation.


1- Self-examination
It is a self-examination that the woman does on her own monthly after the end of her period, which allows early detection of the disease.
2- Clinical check
By a specialist in breast diseases.
3- mammogram check
It is an x-ray of the breast tissue that the woman performs periodically every year.
4- Ultrasound check
It is an ultrasound checking and contributes to the diagnosis of the nature of the mass.
5- Breast biopsy
Tissue is extracted from the mass and examined for whether the cells are cancerous or benign.

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