The University of Samarra – College of Archeology holds an international electronic scientific symposium on the culture of empowering women


Under the guidance of the President of the University of Samarra, Prof. Dr. Sabah Allawi Khalaf, and the supervision of the Dean of the College of Archeology, Prof. Abed Barak Al-Ansari, the Department of Archeology and Religious Tourism, in cooperation with the department of continuing education, held an international scientific workshop entitled: (The culture of empowering women, reality and hope) for two days. The first day included (empowering women between challenges and possibilities and the Arab woman under the scope) with Dr. Amal Saad Metwally – Mansoura University and Prof. Dr. Nermin Majid Al-Borno. The Pillar Center, Britain. On the second day, the lecture included: (Women between the past and the present) and (The effect of empowering women in society) presented by Dr. Bakr Abdul Majeed Muhammad, head of the archaeological and religious tourism department at our college, and the assistant lecturer Ibtisam Khaled Muhammad. The session emphasized the most important obstacles that limit the empowerment of women and the necessity to take their role in society, and that the conditions that women suffered from are caused by the tribal and environmental influences surrounding them, and that Islam granted women their rights and emphasized their dignity and position in society. The course also dealt with a comparison between Arab women and Western women. And the need for women to have a prominent role in the advancement of societies as well as taking samples from women who successfully performed their administrative, employment, and educational tasks with perfection. The session was held on Thursday and Friday 18-19 March 2021 at 8:00 PM. Many academics, human rights activists, and interested people from Arab universities and institutions attended the session as well as Iraqi academics and activists and the participation of many interested in women’s affairs through discussions and interventions about the position of women and their importance in society.


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