The University of Samarra opens a COVID19 vaccination clinic


The University of Samarra opened a clinic to provide COVID vaccine under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Sabah Allawi Al-Samarrai, President of the University, and the direct supervision and coordination of the Vice president for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Kamal Hussein Ahmed, and in cooperation with the pharmacist Yasser Kamel Mahmoud, Director of the primary health care sector in Samarra, and the head of the immunization unit in the pharmaceutical sector, Sura Muhammad Mahdi, in the presence of the practicing physician (Marwan Abdel Qader Hussein), the practicing pharmacist responsible for giving shots in the Mutassim health center (Ghazi Faeq Khalaf), and several of the health staff.

The available vaccines and the method of their storage were reviewed, as the university witnessed, Wednesday, September 1, 2021, receiving more than 250 doses of Pfizer and 140 doses of Sinopharm for faculty, administrators, and employees.

Allawi praised the center’s workers and directed them to provide all the required supplies to conduct their work easily.

This step comes in the implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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