Samarra University in Dubai Expo


With the active participation of the University of Samarra in the Dubai Expo in the United Arab Emirates, represented by the President of the University, Professor Dr. Sabah Allawi Al-Samarrai, and the Dean of the College of Engineering, Assistant Professor Dr. Amjad Saleh Al-Samarrai,
the group reviewed the teaching hospital project at the university.
The Minister of Higher Education attended the special presentation at the University of Samarra, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul-Saheb, and the Ambassador of Iraq to the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Muzaffar Al-Jubouri.
The University President indicated the importance of establishing the Medicine College at the university, which requires the establishment of an educational hospital, and between the University President and the College Dean of Engineering. Establishing this hospital is important because it meets the double needs at the university level and trains students of medical specialties and the excellent service it provides to citizens. The city has one old hospital that does not meet the actual minimum need of the city and its suburbs.
This step comes within the successive steps that the university administration is working on, represented by its President, his assistants, deans, and other affiliates of professors and employees to push the university wheel to a more active presence at all levels.

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