The University of Samarra organizes a celebration on the occasion of International Women’s Day


Tuesday, March 8, the University of Samarra organized a grand celebration on the occasion of International Women’s Day, under the title “Be a role model, you are life.” And in the presence of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Sabah Allawi Al-Samarrai, his vice for scientific affairs, Prof. Kamal Hussein Ahmed, and deans, faculty, and students of the university.

The symposium was opened by the chairperson of the session, Assistant Professor Dr. Adnan Talfah, with (Prof. Wissam Hussein, Prof. Liqa Hussain Alwan, Prof. Rana Ibrahim Khalil, activist from Anbar Governorate Kawthar Abdul-Baqi).

They show more than an explanatory audio-video of the Iraqi woman and her suffering. The celebration included more than one eloquent and famous poem that sang the love of the country, the love of the mother, the sister, and even the wife.

In the same context, the Center for Continuing Education at the University Presidency took the initiative to distribute bouquets of roses to female professors, employees, and students, congratulating them on this day.

There was also direct contact through social media programs with the community physician, Dr. Shaima Yarub Shafiq.

A certificate of appreciation was distributed to the above committee. This celebration cooperates between the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at the University Presidency and the Counseling Unit at the College of Applied Sciences and UNESCO Center Iraq.



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