The University of Samarra hosts the Electoral Commission in an educational lecture


The University of Samarra, in cooperation with the Salah El-Din Elections Commission, held an educational workshop on “Biometrics Registration and Receiving the Voter Card” on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, AD, in Al-Mutawakil Hall at the university.

The lecturers presented in the workshop many axes, including “Women and their Empowerment in the Electoral Process,” They explained women’s role during elections, the importance of empowering them and making them aware of their future and the nation in general, and the necessity of women taking their place in representation, partnership, and choice.

Prof. Dr. Zuhair Qassem Muhammad – Vice President of Samarra University for Administrative Affairs, supervised it-, and Mr. Muhammad Nathiq Ismail, Ms. Nora Adnan Hammad, Dr. Hikmat Hamid Salih, and Mr. Muhammad Abdul Razzaq Muhammad lectured on The axes of the workshop were moderated and presented by Mr. Miqdad Ali Ahmed – Director of Student Affairs and Registration at Samarra University. A large number of employees attended the seminar.

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