A professor at the University of Samarra publishes a book on the basics of microbiology


Prof. Dr. Osama Nazem Nijris, a professor at the College of Applied Sciences at Samarra University, published a book entitled “Basics of the Practical Approach to Microbiology” by Dar Al-Resala for printing and publishing in Iraq.
Which includes in its folds most of what a student of microbiology needs in his primary and higher studies; This is due to what this book contains systematic experiments related to the specialization of microbiology, as it includes rules for the safety of the microbiology laboratory and its basic requirements, in addition to general glassware in it, test tubes, microbial culture tubes, tubes with a screw cap, Petri dish, pipettes, and a diffuser glass, chambered slide, laboratory beakers, inoculation needle and loop, Bunsen burner, and water bath.

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