Dr. Sabah Alawi Al-Samarrai, the President of Samarra University, inaugurated the “From Samarra with Love…Here in Iraq” festival organized by the College of Applied Sciences at the university. The festival occurred on Sunday, March 19, in the college gardens.


The festival began with reciting verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the national anthem. The event was attended by the university’s assistant presidents, the dean of the College of Applied Sciences, the dean of the College of Arts at Samarra University, and many professors and students.

As part of the festival, a group of pigeons was released into the sky as a symbol of freedom and peace. The celebration included 18 tents, each representing a province of Iraq.


During the festival, the organizers presented a short, entertaining Baghdadi play and folk poetry that expressed love and unity for Iraq. They also showcased the folklore of Iraqi provinces in the festival tents, which reflected each province’s heritage, famous legacy, and prominent landmarks, as well as their cultural diversity, delicious cuisine, and beautiful traditional costumes, which the college’s students and staff excellently coordinated.

The President of Samarra University, Dr. Sabah Alawi Al-Samarrai, praised this outstanding event, which reflects national solidarity and artistic expression in creating a miniature Iraq that embodies the civilized features of Iraq and highlights the deep-rooted sense of national belonging in the hearts of the academic and student community at Samarra University.


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