The President of the University of Samarra holds an extensive meeting with companies and committees to design the new university site


Prof. Dr. Sabah Allawi al-Samarrai, President of Samarra University, chaired an extensive meeting with the design companies and the committee for supervision and follow-up work on preparing designs for the new university’s site.

With the director of the company and the representative of the design company, Allawi discussed the most important observations made on the infrastructure plans for the new university site by the university engineering committee. The committee dealt with the infrastructure details such as streets, electricity networks, water purification, sewage details, etc. Among the observations that aim to improve and raise the efficiency of the university in the distant future, making it more capable of outdating generations and limiting the existence of some future reforms.

The President of the University stressed the need for the plans and designs of the new university city to be integrated and responsive to ambitions. To be at the level of reputable universities, align with the Arab and international institutions in the future, and achieve legitimate scientific competitions.
During the meeting, the committees were urged on the importance of the readiness of plans and designs and putting them into practice, coupled with radical solutions to the observations made to them, in a manner commensurate with the university’s position and position in the progress map.

On the other hand, the two companies expressed full readiness to correct the remarks submitted to them and work to avoid them and complete them in record time, befitting the status of Samarra University and its new state, and in an optimal manner.

It is noteworthy that (Diwan Al-Amarah Company) is working on implementing the designs for the new Samarra University site, and (Urban Planning Company for Engineering Consultations) is auditing that design, under the supervision of the President of Samarra University, according to ministerial directives.



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