The University of Samarra announces a scholarship outside Iraq


The launch of the eighth of Al-Amal Scholarship on 01/15/2022

* Requirements for applying for the Eighth Al-Amal Scholarship

1. The applicant should be an Iraqi national and be proficient in the Arabic language (reading, writing, and speaking).

2. The health condition must be good enough to travel and complete studies abroad.

3. To abide by the administrative and leadership diploma offered by the Academy.

4. Full-time study.

5. The employee is allowed to apply for the Scholarship, provided that he brings a ministerial order with a leave of no less than three years after acceptance of the Scholarship.

6. To not be married.

7. Siblings from the same family can apply for the scholarship, but the scholarship will only cover one student.

**To apply for a partial scholarship

1. That the applicant was born on 1/1/1994 or younger

2. The average in studying for a bachelor’s degree should not be less than (60% for studying in Turkey)

To apply for the college scholarship

1. The applicant must be born on 1/1/1996 or younger

2. The bachelor’s study average should not be less than (65% for studying in Turkey).

(85% to study in Malaysia)


** Conditions for applying for the Al-Amal Scholarship

The applicant can use it for all majors

1. Medical group (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy)

2. The specializations that are not available in Turkish universities.

3. If there is a specialization in public universities only, the student is responsible for obtaining university admission, and the scholarship will cover tuition fees.

Documents required for submission

1. Academic recommendation in English No. 2

2. Letter of intent in English

3. Selfie

4. Curriculum vitae in Arabic or English.

5. A valid passport.

6. Mural graduation certificate (in English and notarised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

7. Graduation certificate with grades (in English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

To apply, please click on the link



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